Saturday January 27th, 2018
0815: Registration and breakfast.

0900-0940: “How well do you know your Microanatomy”- ​Elizabath Officer, BSc, MLT-Faculty, Medical Laboratory Science, Michener Institute of Education at UHN

0945-1025: 'Endocrine Pathology'-​Dr. Ozgur Mete, MD, FRCPC-Staff Endopathologist, University Health Network and Amanda Chan, HBSc, MSc, PA (ASCP, CAP-ACP)-Pathologists' Assistant, University Health Network

1025-1040: Break/Sponsor time.

1040-1120: “Stroke in Neuroradiology: current concepts and perspectives”- ​Nicole Cancellierre, MRT(R), MSc and Vitor Pereira, MD, MSc, University Health Network

1120-1200: "Practical Dermatopathology"- Dr. Mike Sidiropoulos, MD, MSc, HBSc, FRCPC, FCAP, FASDP-Staff Dermatopathologist, Lakeridge Health and Martin Grealish, MLT, MTM, PA (CCCPA)-Senior Pathologists' Assistant, University Health Network​

1200-1215- Sponsor time.

1215-1315: Lunch.

1320-1420: Case studies X 4

1430-1500: Worskshop #1
1510-1540: Workshop #2
1550-1620: Workshop #3
1630-1700: Workshop #4

1700-1720: Wrap-up. 

Each registrant will be assigned to a group with a defined schedule so they attend 4 of 5 workshops.

A.    Head and Neck Pathology- ​Martin Grealish, MLT, MTM, PA(CCCPA)-Senior Pathologists Assistant, University Health Network
B.    Gastrointestinal Pathology- Colin Elliot, Nadia Saito, Emily Almeida and Will Tsui- Pathologists’ Assistants, Mount Sinai Hospital
C.    Intro to Molecular Genetics- ​Sylvie Grenier, BSc, MLT-Senior Genetics Technologist, Ashling Kelly, BSc, MLT-Genetics Technologist, Dean Maxwell, BSc, MBA, MLT-Genetics Technologist, University Health Network
D.     Approach to Brain Cutting- ​Dr. Phedias Diamandis, MD, PhD- Staff Neuropathologist, University Health Network
E.      Paediatric Pathology- ​Konstantin Krutikov, PhD, PA, Pathologists' Assistant, The Hospital for Sick Children